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Probably typical that my first proper post would be about World of Warcraft. It’s a game that I play. You may have heard of it. Although ‘game’ doesn’t give the right connotation. Hobby, would be more apt, I think.

Anyway, my main is a rogue called Wai (hence my author name. Clever, huh? No? Moving swiftly on then) on the Alliance side of Argent Dawn (EU). If none of that means anything, well, don’t worry. Hopefully, there’ll be another post coming along shortly.

If it does mean anything, then we are getting 3.2 tomorrow! Yay! Now other sites already have the patch notes so I won’t bother posting them here but I’ll just point out the important stuff as I see it.

First, as my main is a rogue *scans notes* Huh. Almost nothing…except..what’s this? Axes?! Yes, at last! I have been wanting rogues to have axes since just about forever and there were some gorgeous examples that made me wince when they dropped and I couldn’t wield them. Those in Karazhan, for example.

Now, as my major alt is currently a druid the next important thing for me is…form changes! Now, I’m not complaining here, but I like the current Night Elf cat form! The new one will be…different. And given that Corvai’s hair is currently purple, well, she’ll be a pink pussy. Ahem. However, she’s currently specced for Balance, and that form isn’t changing (yet) so the impact will be minimal for me.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff too, of course. New tier sets, a new raid but you can read about that in more detail elsewhere.

For now, here’s hoping for a smooth upgrade when I get home from work!