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Arrived home from work to a painless install of 3.2 to find that…the majority of the addons that I use present a load of LUA errors! *growls* No, I’d not bothered to update them because past experience tells me that the addon sites will be slow as anything with everyone else trying to do the exact thing. Not to mention that the addons will probably go through a few iterations before stabilizing, so I’ll wait a few days before grabbing them.

Now I consider myself fairly ‘addon-lite’ but it’s amazing how used I’ve become to having the addons. Little things like the channel sticky that Chatter has. Having to type in the channel number every single time got very irritating very rapidly! And I’d only recently installed ArkInventory and already discovered what a blessing it was.

Anyways, enough whinging. On to the patch itself. Well, doesn’t the Coliseum look positively grand now that’s it complete? Haven’t been inside it yet. That’ll come tomorrow, I think, when Nightfall, my raid comm’ head in there.

There are also new Tournament quests that are quite fun, and quick including one that takes you a litter further afield to the Storm Peaks. Some of the existing Tournament quests have changed, too. Threat from Above and the jousting are the same, but it’s no longer any old 15 Scourge that you have to kill – instead, it’s 15 Cultists. But these can be found just to the west of the Tournament grounds and can be combined with one of the new dailies so that’s a good change.

A change for the worse though is the Battle Before the Citadel. Instead of a mix of Commanders, Lieutenants and Gargoyles, you now only have to kill three commanders. Sounds simple and quick, right? Ha! That’s what I thought. Until you realise that every Champion is now after the same amount of Commanders that were around before. The fight for them might wane after a few days as people may or may not drop the old Tournament quests.

For myself, I’m only about four days away from obtaining the Silver Covenant Hippogryph. I’d like the pets, but I just don’t want to do any more dailies so might end up just buying them from the auction house.

And apparently, obtaining a Winterspring Frostsaber is now a Feat of Strength which Wai has. But after that grind, it well should be.

As for Corvai, well, I could have kicked myself last night for not taking any screenies of her in the old forms. I do hope I have some old shots somewhere. But the good news is that she’s not as pink as I feared she would be. Her colouring is pretty close to the dark purple of the original, but not as dark. The running animation is so much smoother now and the jaw works now, too. As for the bear form, its’ mouth is now closed instead of looking like a slack jawed daffodil!

And finally, there is a mini-children’s week in Dalaran for the Wolvar and Oracle orphans. The poor things! I had Wai take the Wolvar where he wanted to go and Corvai take the Oracle where he wanted to go and as rewards, they both received new pets in the post a short time later. Which was rather nice!

So, a verdict? Apart from one gripe about an existing Tournament quest, on the whole, the patch seems to be a winner.