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So it was with excitement that I headed into the new raid; Trial of the Crusader on normal version. Well, at least I did when I finished disabling all the addons causing LUA errors upon joining a raid group.

And it’s a nice instance, too. Granted, it’s unremarkable after the likes of Ulduar – it is just an arena after all, but the music is very fitting and I’m sure I detected some echoes of Gladiator music. Also, we had quite the audience in Varian Wrynn, Jaina, Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream were there to watch our performance. Fordring was also there to kick off proceedings and give an inspiring speech. Fortunately, despite wiping once. Okay, twice. Okay, it might have been three or four times, we only had to listen to it once. I think Blizzard finally realised that no one wants to listen to the same speech over and over again! And whilst I say inspiring, it was delivered with such a lacklustre performance that I think the voice actor must have just not got into character.

Because of the gate system currently in effect, we could only fight three bosses comprising the bestiary so even with a couple of false starts, it was done quite quickly. Now we just have to wait until the next reset to progress further.

Nightfall then headed to Ulduar to see what damage we could inflict there. My regular ride, the bike, now has an extra icon – a hook to grab pyrite. Once hooked it sits in the side car until ejected. Or at least, I think that was the plan until the barrels a couple of us bikers were carrying mysteriously disappearred leaving the icon with eject symbol! Um..Blizzard? I think that that needs fixing!

Something that needs fixing, or has been already and just requires a reset is XT. And from the screams of anguish in Ulduar general chat, it wasn’t just us that noticed that XT now spawns a few hundred more bots than it used to! This resulted in what felt like our messiest kill ever but on the flip side, did mean that we were able to get this:

Nerf Scrapbots

Nerf Scrapbots