I’m still a bit numb and shellshocked, even though I was told several hours ago, so if this post fails to be coherent, please bear with me.

What news? Well, the raid community that I have been with in Warcraft for the past two years or so has decided that it is ending. We just have one goal left, and that is to get one of our paladins her legendary mace; Val’anyr. All that remains is to down Yogg’Saron with one less keeper.

This is likely to happen this coming Sunday and given that Sunday is my night off from WoW, that is likely to make last night’s first foray into the Trial of the Crusader my last raid with Nightfall. I think I’m glad that I didn’t know then that it could’ve been as I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it as a normal raid.

My last raid with Nightfall. It feels so odd saying that after all we’ve been through. There has been blood (not mine, but there have been instance of people suffering nosebleeds whilst raiding), sweat, tears and cursing. Definitely cursing. A LOT of cursing. And most definitely a lot of cheering, laughs and good times with some wonderful, odd, funny and brilliant people which will make for some awesome memories.

My last raid? This is the position that I find myself in now. With the exception of a few months break at the end of vanilla WoW and joining Nightfall, I’ve been raiding pretty much non-stop ever since I hit level 60 (the then-highest level). With the exception of Vault of Archavon and the new stuff, obviously, I’ve been lucky enough to see the end of every dungeon and raid instance WoW has to offer.

Which begs the question, what to do now? And I honestly have no idea. The only current goal that I have is to get Wai her Silver Covenant Hippogryph, which should happen this coming Sunday. After that? I don’t know.

The last time that I was in this position is when the raid group that I was with in vanilla disbanded due to the new raid format being introduced in TBC. That was fairly easy to take in stride as the new expansion was coming out so there was plenty of stuff to keep myself occupied. Now, though, all the stuff is done. Let’s see what the options are:

1) Join a new raid group. Certainly possible, assuming the groups are recruiting rogues. However, it’ll most likely be with a bunch of strangers and that’s not something I’m keen on.

2) Level another character. I already have three level 80s and about the only one I would like to is Hellvira, my original, Horde main. But I’d like to switch her to Alliance and then level her. So possible when Blizzard launch the transfer service.

3) Quit WoW. I’m already playing less and less. Considering that it’s Friday night and I finished for the night almost an hour ago when I’ve previously been known to still be playing at 2am the following morning, WoW certainly no longer has the pull it once used to. I’ve been thinking for awhile that it would be nice to do other things such as read (currently Stephanie Meyer’s The Host), play (can not wait for Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins) or anything else.

At least my subscription has three months or so left on it, so it’s not like I have to make any snap decisions so we’ll see, as the Zen master said (name that film, anyone?)

What I will miss are the people that take my option number three and no decide that this would be a perfect time to call it quits which would be perfectly understandable. But I hope that I’ll remain in contact with those friends that I’ve made should we decide to go our separate ways.

Makes me REALLY glad that I’ve started this blog now, too!

Boy, wasn’t that a long and melancholy post for a Friday night?

Good night, Nightfall!