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It’s funny in a sad, non-humourous way that a few weeks ago, as is my wont prior to a holiday, I was looking forward to not raiding tonight whilst the rest of Nightfall went off. But now, it was so quiet that after doing the daily cooking quest and a bit of fishing, the quiet of the channel got to me and I logged off.

And promptly ordered the digital download of Aion.

Wait…what?! Why?

To try it and see, is the answer. Who knows, it might be really, really good. Or it might turn out to be an Age of Conan in which I couldn’t even be bothered to complete my week’s free time ahead of the public release. (Awesome soundtrack, though).

Back to WoW, Blizzard announced something interesting; they are upgrading one of their original raids. Yes, the bitch is back! Onyxia is getting her talons sharpened and it practicing her deep breathing as we speak in time for patch 3.2.2.

But here’s the thing – nostalgia is such a powerful thing that I initially went “Yes!” when I first read it. They are even upgrading the helms that she drops to make them useful, but still keeping the same old models. What’s more, there is a chance of a new mount that looks like the old drake herself. Isn’t that great?

And then it struck me. Wait…what?! The excitement quickly faded in that it appears to me that Blizzard seem to have gotten lazy and just tweaked the old fight and make it viable for the new maximum level. So the excited “Yes!” turned into a so-so “Mmmmmkaaaaay”. Why? Because I did that fight already, I don’t know how many years ago and 20 levels ago. And I have Bloodfang, too. I vividly remember the deep breaths and all the theories about what caused them (people standing too close together, too many people in the raid, yada yada). And Blizzard want us to do it all over again? Well, gee, thanks.

I can see the argument about how it would be good for TBC babies and those newer to the game but, uh, Onyxia was never taken out of the game. Only the long, tedious attunement chain was. If anyone, new or old players wanted to see her, she was and is still there, brooding in her lair.

Does this also mean that Icecrown will just be a chilly version of an ugraded Molten Core or Blackwing Lair? No, I don’t think so. Onyxia is an iconic raid (quite possibly due to the long, tedious attunement) and what’s more, is also a single boss. So it would be relatively easy to retune her as opposed to any of the other, much bigger raids.

It would have been more interesting if the Onyxia memory of the Paletress encounter in the Coliseum has been given the same abilities of the old. That’s where it would have had greater impact. Pity, really.