And time sure has flown these past two weeks.

Technically my holiday was over on Friday and since then until now it has been the summer public holiday which means that a lot of people in addition to me are also enjoying an extra day.

An entire fortnight has passed and what have I achieved? Have I produced anything to show for it? Heck, no! Aside from the fantastic trip to Glasgow, I’ve slept in, eaten more than I should and drank a bit (alchohol, in one form or another, which I only do when I’m on holiday. No reason for it other than it’s just a habit of mine. Does that make me wierd? Possibly!)

What else? Oh yes. Apart from a few remaining chapters in Breaking Dawn, I’ve had a wonderful time reading the Twilight series.

Twilight Series

I’ve also watched the movie of the first book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The only place where the movie suffers is that the book is written in first person and so apart from some voice overs, you are not privy to the thoughts going on in Bella’s head. But all films of books suffer from that.

If you’ve not read the series but have read Harry Potter and are searching for something else, then I thoroughly recommend this. If you’ve read the Twilight series but not watched the movie, then go see it already! And if you’ve watched the movie, thought it was not that good but have not read the book, then go read it. Things might make a little more sense.

All in all, despite not actually going anyway on vacation, it’s been the best of times. Getting up at 6.15am tomorrow morning for work, though. Ugh!