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First day back at work today and…wasn’t so bad actually. Just two weeks worth of e-mails to wade through which took most of the day so come tomorrow, it’s all back to normal. Does anyone else count the number of weeks until their next holiday or is that just me?

Talking of holidays. Well, the virtual kind anyway, after logging into WoW, I found something in the post which I was not expecting; a brew of the month which meant Wai got this:

Wai's Brew of the Year

That’s her Spring Robes that she’s wearing, her armour and weapons safely stowed in the bank…just in case. Of course, not to be outdone, what one sister can do, so can another:

Corvai's Brew of the Year

And that’s Corvai sporting Phaelia’s vestments, named after the famous Phaelia of Resto4Life, one of the first blogs I ever read.