I like to think of myself as creative. Alright, my job as a tester is fairly destructive but otherwise I think I do alright for myself. After all, I have this blog and I enjoy writing, when the muse strikes, and have even been known to draw. On occassion.

But when it comes to fairly obvious places where the creative part of my mind should positively leap at the chance, does it? No, of course not. It takes a conversation with Furiously to kickstart the process.

This particular lack on my part centres around names of computers and networks. Up until now, my network was rather unimaginatively entitled ’62BHome’ because it’s where I live. My main desktop was 62BGladiator (because I bought it from them) and my ancient Apple Powerbook waS 62BPower (you can probably guess why).

Yeah, when it comes to names, I suck.

So when Furiously mentioned that they’d called their network ‘Azeroth’ and a laptop ‘Ragnaros’ it was though a light bulb (hopefully and energy efficient one) went off in my head. Of course, I thought. So obvious! As most things tend to be when they are pointed out.

As a result my network is now Ulduar with various machines, including the two mentioned above, having wonderful names like Thorim, Freya and Mimir. Granted they are not original names that I’ve come up with, but hey! Oh, and I called my iPhone; ‘Tyr’. Get it? See what I did there? No? Alright, I get my coat.

At least I can take comfort in that I’m not the only one around these parts with the same issue as when I scan for other networks I see names like ‘BTHomeHub’ and ‘Sky’

Again, thanks go to Furiously for the inspiration!