Our local council has finally decided to take a stand and do their bit to help the environment in that they have finally issued my road with re-cycling bins which they will empty on a regular basis.

The Green box

Not exactly pretty, but then it only needs tobe functional and now lives in my porch in which I can now dump newspapers, magazines, junk mail, foil, cans and glass jars and…well, that’s it actually!

For a re-cycling service, it is rather picky about what I can put in there. I can’t put in cardboard (but they can take paper? Huh) and I can’t put in milk bottles (but I can put in glass jars which really strikes me as bizarre as glass is glass…isn’t it?) and I’m not allowed to put in plastic of any sort. Now, I don’t know about you, but most of my re-cycling will be plastic of one sort or another but they don’t want that.

What makes it particularly odd is that I can take the various materials that I’m not allowed to place in the box and take down to the local “re-cycling centre” (which is just a euphemism for a ‘tip’ nowadays) which is where they are only going to take the contents of these boxes to be sorted anyway.

Well, I guess it’s nice that they are making an effort so here’s to them!

Are you doing your bit?