Two posts have really got me thinking about how things can change over time. The first, by the wonderful Sephrenia and the second, by the excellent Nibuca about the Brewfest event currently happening in Azeroth and I distinctly remember the fun that I had last year whilst whipping my ram (no, don’t ask!) on both Wai and Corvai.

But this time last year wasn’t only about Brewfest. It was also about this time that we were all getting jazzed about the forthcoming achievement system that was to be launched after the Brewfest event (I was one of the few, I think, that realised that joining the Brewfest event and buying and storing the various food and drink would be a GOOD idea). But even more exciting than that was the fact that it was a little over a month until the launch of Wrath of the Lich King! Woo-hoo! What could be more exciting?!

Fast forward a year.

The world of Azeroth has now been left behind, a fact that hit home recently when I realised that I’d completely missed the in-game version of Pirate Day, the first world event that I’ve missed since that Brewfest a year ago. Indeed, I’m currently absent from this years Brewfest and will remain so. Instead, a somewhat different Wai is running the virtual world of Atreia.

How much things change in so little time, wouldn’t you agree?