Name that film!

It occurred to me that it’s been well over two weeks, almost three, since my last post here, but I am still here. I am still alive and have not dropped off the face of the world but with nothing that I deem sufficiently interesting to post about, I’ve been scratching around for blog fodder. So, what can I tell you about?

Let’s see…

First up, I had my minute of interweb fame as Twisted Nether read out both my iTunes comment and e-mail that I sent to them commending them about their excellent podcast that keeps me entertained at work on Mondays. They didn’t have to, but it put a wide smile on my face that they did.

And yes, I’m perfectly alright to wear headphones at work. Given that there is this one person whose laugh so darned loud. They’re a lovely enough person but the decibel level of their loud really makes you cringe. Especially when we all work in an open plan office, too.

On the gaming front, Bioware have released the character creation module for their upcoming RPG; Dragon Age: Origins and so, of course, that’s been downloaded by yours truly and installed and played with a bit. It’s a lot like the Mass Effect one in that it concentrates on the face and has a LOT of options. Good job that DA:O isn’t actually out until 6th November as this could take me awhile. No options for the character’s body – it’s purely about their looks.

In the meantime, Wai finally hit 25 in Aion just before I logged off. This week has been the first proper week since the headstart ended on the 25th September where I’ve been able to get on without waiting in a queue. When I bothered to wait at all that is. Arriving home and attempting to log on but faced with a queue greater than two hours just had me turning the computer off and not even trying. But NCSoft seem to have sorted that some how. However, it seems one of the solutions was mass bannings but that had the effect of sweeping up innocent players as one of my guildies found out.

The queues did give me chance to get through some new reading material, though; The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I bought this on a whim because the front of The Time Traveler’s Wife said it was the new ‘The Lovely Bones’. And this time, the recommendation was worthy and the whim re-paid. And Peter Jackson, he of Lord of the Rings films fame is directing a film to be released in January 2010.

That was followed by Evermore by Alyson Noël. Another good read and whilst it would be natural to draw comparisons to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, is actually something completely different. In the end, the only comparisons that can actually be made is that both are told in the first person, the main protagonist is a student in school and there is something different about a boy in school.

And that (yes, when I read, I can devour books. Not literally, of course – they are make much better reading than eating. Literally! Ha! Sometimes I amuse myself. Ahem) was followed by Guilty Pleasures, the first Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novel. Huh. Combine that with watching the first episode of True Blood and I seem to be really into vampires at the moment.

And talking of vampires, apparently a sequel is being written for, if not the first, then the most well known grand daddy of all vampire stories; Dracula. All I know is that it is a family member of the original author writing it. I hope they are good, because they have some pretty big shoes to fill.

And that’s it! I’ll try not leave it too long next time. I know how you’ve all missed me, terribly…

*tap tap* Is this on? Hello? Anyone there…?