Boy, do I ache!

Having finished work on Friday, I’m now on holiday for a whole, entire week with nothing but a couple of hazy plans that I may or may not stick to. Okay, I most likely will, because once I get something in to my head then I absolutely must do it. There is little to no “it was only a thought” with me. When I think something is a good idea, thought and deed are pretty much one.

But the point is, I don’t have to go through with my plans if I don’t want to. Because they are mine and I’m on holiday.

Anyway, the rest of the family are on holiday too and they’ve taken themselves to the Isle of Sheppey leaving me home alone. Yes, I often think about running around the house Macauley Culkin style but a) my house is not that big and b) I’d probably do myself an injury. So whilst the rest are away doing who knows what, I decided that the front room where I keep my computer, all my books, music and whatnot could do with re-arranging.

So, here is the before (and forgive the picture quality – aforementioned family took the camera so I used my iPhone):


Yes, I know the colours are bad, but we had a need to decorate and believe me when I say that they are far better then the floral design that was up before. And it’s due to be decorated a somepoint in the future. Most likely white or off white and the wood stripped bare and varnished.

And after five hours or so, this is the result:

The fireplace

And after

Does look like much, but years of keeping things and taught me how to fit the most into every available space. After it was all done, I enjoyed the rest of the day and went to bed and all was right with my world. Then I woke up. Oh boy, those muscles were making themselves known