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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’d quit Aion and I might have given the impression that I only logged back into Warcraft to collect the pet for Battle.net accounts before my subscription ran out.

As it turns out that impression turned out to be not quite accurate because since the last post I ended up renewing my subscription and am back in Azeroth, although not to the extent I once was.

I did actually give it some thought before renewing. I did! Stop snickering at the back! I knew I couldn’t really justify going back to Wai as when I left, she was pretty much at the top of the game. The only way to advance her was to get back into raiding which I didn’t want to do. As for my other maximum level characters; Corvai and Ravna, again the only thing left for them was to run heroics. Fun, perhaps but what else?

No, what I needed was something of a fresh start. I needed something long term, but not too hard core. Something that could be dropped and picked up again as I saw fit too. So, that was one consideration. The other was, with three characters ruled out and still effectively retired, that left seven low to mid level characters that I hadn’t really played in a long time and needed to re-learn how to.

I could have, if course, deleted one of the characters and re-rolled something brand new but that thought made me grimace as whilst it had been some time since I’d played with any of them, they each still had some history behind them such as quests done, achievements, uh, achieved and the like. No, it was going to be one of the existing characters, but which?

Definitely a caster. I like playing casters, simple as that. Wai was an exception for me but now I had the perfect opportunity to revert back to what I liked which narrowed it down to a mage or warlock. I didn’t really want to have the hassle of managing a pet class (for now) and then Blizzard did something which made me go “Yep. Decision made. That’s the one for me.”

They introduced paid race changes which meant I could take my human mage and transform her into what I’d wanted to do since TBC was launched; a Draenei mage. And so, on the day that marked my final day in Aion, Samhai was born. Yes, she’s named in honour of the holiday.

When they introduce it, she will be going through a further race change, to become a Kaldorei mage, something I’ve wanted since the very beginning of my WoW career. I even have a back story for her, which I’m particularly proud of because it ‘works’ lore-wise. No, I’m not going to publish it yet – you’ll have to wait until after Cataclysm. Why? Because I’ve not physically written it yet and because I need to see what Cataclysm actually does to the world first.

And as for my long time goal? Bet you thought I’d forgotten that, didn’t you? Well, it’s to get the Lore Master achievement as I level. I’m not going to race to reach maximum level in the shortest possible time and then go back and do it. Ideally, I’d like to have Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms and Loremaster of Kalimdor before I even set foot in Outland. And, of course, Loremaster of Outland before going to Northrend.

Will I do it? *shrugs* I don’t know. I’m certainly giving it a shot, but I do know this:

At the very least, I’ll get Explorer from exploring all the zones as I do them and see the old Azeroth one last time before Cataclysm hits..

As of writing, I’m Revered with four of the home cities and Exalted with Darnassus which means I no longer have to ride a fat ass elekk but can use a sleek saber instead. But Exalted with all means the Ambassador title and access to all the mounts so there is the Mountain of Mounts achievement too.

More importantly, I’m having a lot of fun playing at my own pace and I’m back talking to people I left behind.

Finally, to bring you completely up to date and to relate to the other meaning of the title of the post, today has been devoted to the Pilgrim holiday event that started today in Azeroth. You can read about the actual details in other blogs and news sites, but it was a joy not only to do some of the achievements (due to the higher level of some of the requirements, such as running Sethekk Halls, I won’t be getting the meta-achievement and pet this year) but also to power-level cooking from sub-200 to 300! At most, it would take an hour to take a character without cooking to 300. So I did it on my Horde warlock, too (possible faction change for that one, but even if not, this was an opportunity too good to let pass by).

*ponders* Coincidentally, I think I’ve answered the awesome Anna’s question posted here. It boils down to “all of the above”.

P.S. Happy 5th Anniversary, WoW! Thanks for the Onyxian Whelp pet.

P.P.S. I realise that there haven’t been pictures for awhile. I will try and remedy that for next time.