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They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so this post should be an epic tale indeed!

And according the achievements page, Samhai is at 373/700 quests for Eastern Kingdoms and 363/700 for Kalimdor, too!

Back when I played Wai, hitting 40 meant I could finally get a slow mount. Although it took being run through Scarlet Monestary a couple of times before I had the gold. Nowadays? It means I get an epic mount not only 20 levels earlier but also a lot cheaper. Oh, and an achievement, too, yes please, thank you very much.

Yes, that’s the new, slow saber saber she’s currently riding. Didn’t I mention that she’s exalted with Darnassus? And Stormwind, too? This is what gaming’s about. Relaxing and having fun. Am I enjoying myself? Too right, I am!