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Rather like numerous “celebrities”, I have gone through my own trials in the Jungle and I hope, really hope, for the last time. Not because Samhai will be my last character to level, but rather, she will be last one prior to Cataclysm in which some of the zones are undergoing major changes.

It’s not the quests themselves, exactly, it’s what the majority of them have you do. Oh, it starts out nicely enough with a request to kill a few animals or a few bad people. But it swiftly turns nasty. Before long you get asked to collect pages for a book. By all accounts, quite a lengthy tome considering the amount of pages to be collect. But it’s no good refusing the quests because the PAGES DROP ANYWAY. Fine, fine. They drop, I’ll collect them seeing as I’ll be in the zone so long anyway.

But it gets better. You see, there are other quests to read Troll legends. But reading them is not sufficient as they end up in your inventory anyway to accompany the various crocolisk skins, snuff, artificial eyes, magical mixtures and…ugh…troll sweat. Diiiiiiisgusting!

And! And! That’s not all. Oh no. Because, when you’re about to give your virtual self a virtual hernia with your overflowing bags stuffed with grossness you realise you’re done and you can go hand in quests. Yay! But! You can’t! Why? Because other players are trying to increase their reputation with the pirate faction which means that every living thing in Booty Bay is fair game.

Of course, once they have the reputation they no doubt will have to repair it which means? Oh yes. Killing all the quest mobs. One overpowered AoE and poof! All of my quest mobs have disappeared for five minutes. It’s like, well, no, it is magic.

So when I handed in my final quest, and got this:

I almost screamed “I’m a player! Get me out of here!”

Fortunately, Cataclysm will mean major revisions for Stranglethorn Vale so it will be interesting to see how they do it.