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A pet class, after all.

So you may, or may not, recall that I described my decision making in what to play when returning to Azeroth after a brief sojourn in Aion. As a brief remind, I’ll recap. It basically boiled down to:

1) Must be a caster.
2) Must not be a pet class.

Fairly simple criteria but leave it to Blizzard to throw a spanner in the works. You see, when I last played this mage she was Human and fire spec. One quick race change later, she’s now Draenei and frost spec. Why? Because I want to, is the simple reason.

Now, were does a frost mage invariably put their talent point upon hitting 50? Yep, that’s right. In the ‘Summon Water Elemental’ talent. But that’s okay. I was happy with a temporary pet. I could handle that.

But lo! What’s happening tomorrow (or today if you play on the US servers)? Yes, it’s patch 3.3 time and that includes this little gem:

Glyph of Eternal Water: This glyph allows for a summoned Water Elemental to last indefinitely, but it can no longer cast Freeze.

That’s right! After all that, I could be pet class after all. So there’s a bit of eye-rolling a resigned chuckling going on here. It’ll be good practice for my Worgen warlock, I guess.

So, in case you missed it, patch 3.3 is here!

Twas the night before patch mess, when all through Azeroth
not this player was stirring, not even to update all the addons…

And why couldn’t this be timed any better? Here’s why:

In a little over a week since I last reported hitting the halfway point, another milestone and welcome achievement!