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Specifically, my UI. This was prompted by Kihara so without further ado, I’d like to introduce my UI (click a couple of times to enbiggen):

If you’re thinking that it looks a bit familiar, then you’d be right, because some elements are based upon Caith’s UI.

And so, reading the numbers from left to right, we have:

1. Tiptac. A tooltip replacement
2. Decursive. All your decursing abilities in one handy package.
3. The new consolidate buffs option by Blizzard.
4. Sexymap. A map that is sexy. It’s not obvious but those two blue circles (there is a fainter one around the more obvious one) rotate in counter point to each other. Yes, it maybe considered eye candy but it also hides all the various icons that surround the minimap.
5. Tourguide. A tool for more efficient questing. This is loaded with Jame’s alliance guide.
6. Blizzard’s new objective tracker. This, combined with the new quest log and map functionality that was introduced with 3.3 is simply win.
7. The default focus frame. For some reason, it’s now there when it used to be below the party frame. Don’t know why it’s been moved, but it’s easy enough to spot and allows me to keep an eye on my sheep. The ’33’ that you can see is Cooldown Count. and tells me how many seconds are left on my polymorph. Cooldown Count is an old addon and I don’t think that you can get it anymore, but it still works for me, so I’ve not replaced it yet.
8. Parrot. A scrolling comabt text replacement as, let’s face it, Blizzard’s is only good until you discover a replacement.
9. Pitbull. Unit frame replacement for me, my target and my pet. A long time ago, I used to use X-Perl until I discovered the sheer flexibility that Pitbull has and never went back.

The unit frames deserve some further comment, I think. The more observant of you will notice a couple of things. First, my own doesn’t have my name on it. Why should it? I know what my character is called. Second, none of them have a pretty portrait. Again, I know what I look like. I know what the mob that I’m currently doing my darnedest to kill looks like because it’s right in front of me and I also know what my pet looks like, because it’s right there next to me.
10. Quartz. Casting bar replacement with latency meter displaying. This is also used for the mob’s casting bar and my pet’s casting bar. Again, pretty much anything is better than the default provided by Blizzard. And yes, I know I have to move my pet’s casting bar so it doesn’t overlap the timing bars.
11. Classtimer. In this instance, it’s used to show how long my debuffs on the target have left to run out. On Wai, my rogue, I also use it to show my temporary combat buffs such as Slice and Dice, Sprint and Vanish.
12. Chatter. As I commented here, Chatter is one of those addons that I can’t live without. Sticky channels, main tracking (which you can see that it has done for me, because ‘Wai’ is set as my public guild note), time stamp, whisper alerts and mouse wheel scroll through chat and so much more.
13. Accurate DCOORDS. Simple, effective co-ordinates.
14. Blizzard’s default action bars. After a brief affair with Bartender, I came back to these. I use a combination of key binds and mouse clicks and these work for me. N.B. The 3m over my water elemental and 19m over my hearthstone is Cooldown Count once more.
15. Recount. Not visible in combat.
Unnumbered. The green arrow next to Chatter and above the action bars is Tomtom. So unobtrusive that I clean forgot to number it. This works in conjunction with 5) Tourguide in that it points me in the direction of my next objective, tells me how far away it is and how long it will take me to travel there which dynamically adjusts depending upon the mode of transportation.

I do have more addons, but none that really affect the UI itself. Oh, and all those mentioned can be found at either Curse or WoWInterface. And there you have it. That is the state of my UI as at 3.3, which for a levelling character, is an awesome patch both purely for the new UI options and quest log and map improvements.

I’m sure the new instances are also amazing, but at level 52…er…I’m not quite ready for them yet.