The more observant of you, id est those not reading via a feed reader, will have noticed a change in the theme. This is called “Mistylook” and I find it more soothing than the previous theme. That picture at the top? It’s actually the one that came with the theme and as I like it and it’s also far better than anything I can do, it’s staying.

Comments, thoughts or suggestions? About the change or anything else really. I’m not fussed.

As for Mass Effect, I watched the cast trailer for Mass Effect 2 last night and all I can say is “Wow!” Don’t worry about having anything spoiled as it contains no more information than what you get just by looking at the ME site itself but to see that case, well, it was revelling in geekdom, I think. I had a good time reeling off to myself what I had seen the various stars in. I had hoped to see the two who play Shepherd; Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale but alas, it was not to be.

If you haven’t watched it and you’re interested in Mass Effect, go watch it now! And the game is out next month. Can’t wait!