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It’s been a while since I hit 50 but what with the holidays and a few days spent clearing out some low level dungeons, I am now proud to report that Samhai’s hit the level cap!

Yes, yes, okay, it’s the old vanilla level cap but that doesn’t matter. I get a nice shiny new icon on the armoury and a Dreanei looks pretty good in what I think is Frostfire.

But it gets better. Oh yes. You see, that was taken in Un’Goro Crater and I’ve yet to touch Silithus or Winterspring and I’ve not finished Felwood yet, either and at 621/700 quests done for Kalimdor, I’m getting a little excited now. Eastern Kingdoms stands at 577/700, but I have even more zones to start over there so am not ‘wurrie’d at all. Ahem. Sorry. Just my little joke.

As an added bonus, Samhai’s also only about a 1,000 reputation points away from Exalted with both Exodar and the Gnomeregan Exiles which means that she should be Ambassador before she steps through the Dark Portal. Which would be nice. A Draenei returning home after being granted full ambassadorial status?

Oh, and flying at level 60 for the bargain basement price of only 250g? That’s fairly recent right? Not that it matters now that I could easily cover the original cost but I could have used that when I was levelling Wai up! But, that and Outland, can wait a little while longer yet. Just a few quests, reputation points and areas to explore and then Samhai will journey home. She’ll probably be 64 at the rate I’m going, but hey ho!