I hate shopping. Always have. And I think that my parents are too blame. Them, and shops as they were back in the 1970s when I were a tad younger than I am now.

You see, back then, my mother had only recently passed her driving test and would not drive into town (Birmingham) because its awful ring road system was scary. Quite frankly, I would imagine it used to scare experienced drivers and so she would wait for a weekend when my dad was not working nights for him to take her in. Of course, with the both of them going, that meant my sister and I were taken, too. None of this getting a baby sitter in malarkey for us.

Now the Bull Ring as it was until quite recently was a fascinating warren of ramps, underpasses and generally a maze which to me, was quite a fun place. But the shops? Boy, were those BORING. Racks up on racks of clothes that my mom and dad pawed through trying to decide what, if anything that they were going buy. In the meantime, there was me, sat on the floor, getting bored out of my skull with nothing to do. I can’t actually remember what my sister did whilst I was sitting there losing the will to live. All I can remember was my own boredom.

And thus, my hatred of shopping was born.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like buying stuff. The last post will attest to that. I can go online whilst listening to music or watching TV and a few clicks later what I want is bought and I just have to wait for it. The whole process can take seconds or hours. The point is that I’m doing at my own pace, in the comfort of my own home.

However, the disadvantage of buying stuff online is that you generally have an idea of what you want and there is nothing really that catches your eye whereas shops? Heh. Oh, that is where they rule. As I found out to my dismay when I went shopping yesterday.

Online shopping is perfect for things like books, CDs, electrical items and those sort of things, but I would never buy clothes online. How do I know what it looks like in real light? How do I know what it feels like when worn? What size do I want? Is the quality any good? I’m sure you get the picture.

Therefore, when I buy clothes, I head out but because I rarely shop, I but stuff that will last me. I’m certainly not a fashionista who is only concerned about what this season’s must haves are. It’s fair to say then, that I know my wardrobe. I have my ‘posh’ going out clothes, my slobbing around the house clothes, my work clothes (which, because we have a smart-casual dress policy at work, can include items from the previous category) and so on. In essence, they are all well known, comfortable clothes. I like them. I know what goes with what. But never once, did I consider them to be drab.

Until I went shopping yesterday and happened to be passing through a store only because it was between the shop I’d come from and the car park when I just happened to glance across the way and saw what was obviously a new summer season collection. That in itself wouldn’t have been so bad but earlier in the trip my significant other had mentioned that my wardrobe was…drab.

I hate shopping. Did I mention that?