I thought that I might show off a bit.

You see, I’ve finally had enough of my old iPhone. I had a 3g version which, when I first had it, was the best thing since sliced bread. It had a phone, a music player and a camera all in one nifty package. Not to mention that I could surf the net and do other wonderful things on it.

Fast forward a couple of years later and the OS4.0 “upgrade” and boy is it ever slow. Notice the quotes as I use the term upgrade in its loosest sense. I now have a shiny new HTC Desire. I might have gone for the iPhone 4.0 except for the small fact that I’m left handed and I don’t like getting cut off mid-call.

And the Desire! Oh, the Desire. They couldn’t have come up with a more apt name, I think. Comes with everything my old phone did, except much, much quicker. And about £300 cheaper than the iPhone 4.0 to boot. Not only that, in some respects it goes one step further.

Home gym

Ta-da! Photo taken, uploaded to the “cloud” (seems to be the buzz word at the moment, doesn’t it?) And subsequently linked back to this here blog. And I thought digital photographs were amazing in terms of storage over their physical counterparts (the more observant of you may notice the old APS folders on the book shelf next to the sofa.)

And yes, I wanted to show off my home gym a bit too because the bench and squat stands are new *flexes muscles*