I gave a review of it here and now that I’ve completed it, all I can say is “Wow!”

Nothing I said previously is invalidated now that I’ve completed the full paragon path runthrough of it. Indeed, if anything, the game only got better as it went on and the final act, the “Suicide Run” was simply awesome. Now I will admit right here and now, that I looked up various strategies as well as having the official strategy guide to hand so I knew in advance which characters to select to ensure their survival. I did it because a) I hope to see them all again in Mass Effect 3 and b) they’re my squad mates! Damn straight I’m going to do everything to keep them alive.

Granted there are those characters that I recruited and used on their loyalty missions, but that was only down to their skill sets. After all, what’s the point of taking the brute force of Grunt when my Shepard is already a bad ass soldier? But there isn’t a ‘bad’ companion out of the selection that you have.

My only niggle is that one of the companions available; Legion is simply awesome but when playing the game to ensure maximum survivability of your companions and crew, you only pick him (them? It?) just as the final act is about to begin.

So what’s next? Why another run through, of course. But this time importing the ruthless bitch that is my renegade Shepard who shot Wrex and let the Council die in the first Mass Effect. Boo! Hiss! Actually, the renegade dialogue does make me cringe but can be funny, too.

Until next time, I should go.