IMAG0010Technically, I got back last Friday, but this is the first time I’ve messed around with uploading the photos from my phone. That’s a picture of where I stayed. It’s a place called Jack’s Cottage just outside Totnes, Devon and it was gorgeous. Although it looks like it, it’s not a converted barn, it was an ancient, derelict farmer’s cottage that has been completely renovated. It’s better than my house! If I could have lived there permanently, I would. Except the phone coverage was flaky. But then its walls were about a foot thick.

And as you can guess from the view of the fields, the nearest neighbour was probably half a mile away. Can you spell ‘peaceful’? And the weather? Those clouds didn’t leave the entire week we were down there! Of course, now that I’m back, the weather has turned and is now sunny and warm. That’s just typical isn’t it?