Kindle or iPad? iPad or Kindle? Do you think I could make up my mind? Well, I did, eventually.

I think.

Here’s how it goes. I’m quite an avid reader and over the years have built up quite a large collection of books. Hardbacks, paperbacks, graphic novels. You name it, I have it and as you can imagine storage is getting quite an issue. Not only is my bookcase creaking with its shelves bowing slightly in the middle, my mom rang me the other night to tell me that in the process of clearing out her loft (or attic, depending on what you call it) she’d found yet another box with my stuff in.

Bear in mind that I’d moved out for the second time fifteen years ago. Yes, I said second time. Who doesn’t move back into their parents’ house at least once? The first time is like a practice run for all.

I digress.

The point is, that as much as I love books, storage is an issue and so I started looking at e-readers. Alright, I pretty much looked at one; the Kindle. Seeing as I order most of my stuff from Amazon, the Kindle seemed the obvious choice.

The part of my consciousness that pretends that it is my readers would ask “The Kindle is now in its’ third generation. What took you so long?” Easy, really. There is something to holding a book other than reading it. It’s the smell of the binding and the paper. It’s the feel of it, from the quality of the paper to the cover whether it’s paperback or a hard cover. You just don’t get any of that with an e-reader. So, I’m old fashioned.

Against all that, though, books can be quite weighty and annoying especially when reading in your favourite positions (generally curled up on the sofa on my side or on my back holding the book in the air about a foot way from my face). You can lose your place in a book if you happen to put the book down without a bookmark. No, I most certainly do not fold over a corner of a page! And finally, a large collection of them can lead to quite a lot of dust.

An e-reader nullifies all of those disadvantages and adds a couple of its own, the most important of which to me are the cost of e-books as opposed to their hard copy counterparts. The second is the fact that I can get a book in a minute or so. No more waiting for them to be delivered via the mail system.

But hang on, I thought. I don’t necessarily need a Kindle per se as there is a Kindle application for all five major devices; PC, Mac, Android phone, iPhone and…the iPad.

Now there’s a thought. I currently have a PowerBook G4 (that I’m currently using to type this) that is 7 years old now and needs replacing. If I could get something that could surf, play music and store photos which is all I use my laptop for nowadays and could also have the ability to be an e-reader, that would be the answer. Wouldn’t it?

Regrettably, no. Whilst I could swallow the iPad being three times the price of the Kindle that could have been justified by the additional functionality. However, the iPad is also three times the weight and after playing with one for a good while in a shop, that soon becomes telling. I couldn’t see myself suspending an iPad for any decent amount of time as I would do with a book.

I like the iPad, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s a gorgeous piece of kit but for now, I’m going to hold off on one. Perhaps I’ll look again when they refresh the range.