For those that read this blog (yes I like to pretend that I have multiple readers) but don’t follow me on Twitter, following on from the last couple of posts all I can say is…

I have it!

Kindle package

And a few seconds later, there it is


No, it’s not actually that shiny. It’s because I hadn’t yet removed the protective cellophane from it. As for the picture on the screen itself, surprisingly it isn’t a picture on another piece of cellophane but your first glimpse of e-ink at work.

The first thing that struck me was how small it actually is. I know there are various pictures and reviews out there stating that its height and width are the same as an average paperback, but that didn’t sink in until I held it in my very eager hands. It’s also very light, only slightly heavier than the same paperback. Even when it’s in a cover, like the red one that I ordered, the slight weight difference is negligible.

Set-up is a breeze because other than entering in the password for WiFi connectivity and changing the default dictionary to Oxford English, there isn’t any set-up. The Kindle already comes tied to your Amazon account which means that you can start ordering books straight away.

Which I didn’t! I did actually finish the book I was reading at the time before ordering more. Aren’t I good? No, don’t answer that. But ordering is very slick. It’s very similar to Amazon’s web interface which, of course, it would be. The major difference is that once you click Buy, the book is there available for you to read.

The screen is very clear and comfortable to read and even the page refresh that happens when a page is ‘turned’ is no more distracting than turning a page would be normally.

Verdict: As can be gathered, so far I’m ecstatic with it. I’ve almost finished reading my first book, the very funny and very steamy paranormal romance; Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken and I look forward to reading many more books on it.

I only have on concern. Books, under the right conditions, last lifetimes irrespective of what happens to the store they were bought from. So, what happens if anything happens to Amazon?

But that’s just speculation. It’s certainly not enough to stop me ordering the Kindle version of books in the future.