Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, #13; A Memory of Light, #2)Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! Just…wow! What more can I say about this book?

Actually, without giving away anything and spoiling it for those that have not read it yes, not a great deal other than to say that it’s simply brilliant.

First, and most importantly is that the pacing of the book is excellent. Like its predecessor The Gathering Storm, the series now feels like it’s literally hurling towards a conclusion. That’s always been the trouble of some of the previous books where the pacing was just so slow. Indeed, some of the books, whilst the party of the story that they dealt with made the book worth reading, by the time the book was finished with, it felt as though no progress had been made in the overall story.

We’ll never know how much of the new pace is down to Brandon Sanderson but a thought that crossed my mind whilst reading was how much faster the series would have been. Which is not to say that it would have been made any shorter. After all, this final book is so long that it had to be split into three.

As for the story itself, there resolutions to threads that I am very happy to see and at the same time progress has been made with existing plot lines. Which is pretty much all I can say without giving anything away!

Whilst the book is largely about Perrin, the book does not deglect other characters whose journeys we have followed over the years.

All in all, this has been an excellent book to read but the fact that it’s going to be another year before the final book is released is going to be frustrating!

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