Sex Magick (The Rune Witch, #1)Sex Magick by Laura Stamps
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a hard book to review. For one thing, it’s a novella and so only contains a few chapters but then I knew that when I ordered it and the price reflected that. That’s not a criticism in any way. I’m just stating why I appeared to finish it so fast.

As one can gather from the title the book deals with sex and magic as well as combining the two. Therefore, its few chapters are very steamy and erotic. I won’t comment on the magic suffice to say it’s not ‘fantasy’ magic with special effects. Given that the author is a witch herself, I suspect that the magic is real enough. Not being a witch myself (being the athiest that I am kind of precludes that) I’m unable to say for sure.

So there is sex and magic in a novella entitled Sex Magick so why only four stars and not five?

Well, nothing happens. There is no plot. What is written is written well but other than the fact I liked what was there, there is no impetus for me to buy the follow-up. I can only assume that this is more a story of the two lives of Noelle, the witch and Wynn, a shapeshifter. As such there would be no plot as the story would just follow how they lived there lives.

I’ll very likely get the follow up. After all, the price is nothing at all to complain about and it’s rare that I don’t collect an entire series.

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