What A Dragon Should Know SUPER EditionWhat A Dragon Should Know SUPER Edition by G.A. Aiken
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This third book in G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series is just what I’ve come to expect from reading the first two; hilarious and sharp dialogue, dragons unlike you’ve ever heard of before and some steamy and hot romance.

The main story concerns how the two main leads; Gwenvael the Gold and Dagmar realising that they are perfect for each other even though they got off to a rather shaky start when Gwenvael’s assumption about the ‘Beast’ couldn’t be more wrong.

This book is actually different to the first two for several reasons.

Not only does the cast of characters include those introduced in the first two books, because some of the focus is now in the Northlands where Dagmar lives, her family and the Lightnings, also known as the Horde dragons are also introduced alongside even more of Fearghus’ family.

There is also an overriding sense of sadness for a large part of the book and when what is sensed actually happens, it is heart breaking. That’s not to say it’s all doom and gloom. In fact, far from it as this book is one that is laugh out loud funny.

Whilst the first two books were fairly erotic throughout, this isn’t, largely because of the misunderstanding already mentioned previously.

But none of these differences detract from what is an excellent addition to what is a great series.

Not only that, there’s more.

This ‘super edition’ also includes an extra jewel.

Where Dragon Actually included a short story of how Fearghus’ mother and father; Rhiannon and Bercelek met and came to be together, this volume contains the story ‘Can’t Get Enough’ from the Everlasting Bad Boys anthology which tells of how Fearghus’ paternal grandparents; Ailean and Shalin fell in love.

There is also an excerpt from the next book in the series; Last Dragon Standing and a short question and answer session with the author.

Overall, a brilliant story that is only enhanced with the extras.

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