Bewitched at the Beach (The Rune Witch, #2)Bewitched at the Beach by Laura Stamps
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bewitched at the Beach is just as hard to quantify as the first book in Rune Witch trilogy; Sex Magick.

By their very nature, novellas are short but the author still manages to pack some very erotic scenes into it whilst continuing on from Sex Magick in dealing with Wynn and Noelle and his continuing attempt to get her to say ‘yes’ to his marriage proposal. Perhaps I missed something in the Witchery series that I’ve not read, but I can’t understand what Noelle’s problem is. After all, this isn’t a new relationship because it’s been going on for five years now and that’s more than sufficient time to get to know whether or not she and Wynn are compatible.

Noelle’s objections and reasons for not wanting to seem more for appearance’s sake than anything else. On the other hand, saying ‘no’ once should have been enough and respected, so why does keep pushing for it? Were I Noelle, I think I’d have sent him packing ages ago regardless of how good the sex is. Were I Wynn, I’d have thought that the relationship is perfect as it stands so why blow it?

There is also a ritual at the beach where Noelle gives thanks.

The only gripe I really have, and this is just a personal thing is Noelle’s and Wynn’s use, or over use, I think, of pet names for each other. Yes, I get that there are very much in love, but it feels like they begin or end every sentence with ‘Cat-man’, ‘Darling’, or ‘Sugar’. Maybe that’s just me being too jaded in my middle age but it’s too cloying and saccharine. The argument against that would be that this is a romantic story, so what did I expect? But still, every sentence? Too each their own.

Overall, a good, short read that took no time at all to read and like the first book, one certainly can’t complain at the price.

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