Micah and Strange CandyMicah and Strange Candy by Laurell K. Hamilton
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First off, doesn’t that book title sound a bit, well, odd, even for an Anita Blake novel? Especially when you consider that until now, all the titles are named for places found within the book.

But here’s the thing, Micah is the name of Anita Blake story and Strange Candy is the name for the collection of short stories that Laurell K. Hamilton has written over the years.

As you can probably ascertain then, Micah is not a full novel in its own right; it’s a novella named after the only other major character in the series who is in the book (Nathaniel’s in their but only has a cameo appearance) other than, obviously, Anita herself.

Despite the fact that it is a novella, there is still everything that readers have come to expect from the Anita Blake series id est, character exposition, sex, violence and death. Whereas normally, there would be chapters given to each, the same is not true here as everything happens in such a short period of time at quite a frenetic pace that it draws you along for the ride.

One can’t help wonder if LKH can do this with this one book, whether the same could be done with others as even I’ll admit, fan that I am, some of them do go on just a bit too long. However, I think it only works precisely because the sheer amount of world building that has taken place in the previous books.

After all, at this stage, we know who Micah is don’t we?

As for Strange Candy, this is the overally title for a collection of short stories that have been published in various magazines or anthologies. Some are set in worlds already created such the Nightseer world or Anita’s world but some are also just one offs.

Whilst the stories themselves are good, I personally don’t like short stories because just when I’m getting into the story, it’s over. They are useful if you have an anthology with different authors as it presents a chance to read something by someone I might not have considered before, but as all these are by the same author which negates that. As such, I probably wouldn’t have bought Strange Candy on its own so the fact that it came with Micah is a bonus for me.

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