The Harvest Moon (The Rune Witch, #3)The Harvest Moon by Laura Stamps
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The final part in the Rune Witch trilogy is without a doubt, the most steamy of the three.

Continuing the will she won’t she theme from the previous two books, in this novella, Noelle has to contend with the aftermath of one of her friend’s handfasting but unfortunately, we don’t get to experience either the ceremony or if it will sway Noelle in anyway in her own thought process.

The aftermath in this instance means that she and Wynn have to clean the house following the occassion and in the process, losing one of the friend’s cats without either of them realising until much later so there is an added element of drama. This is nice to see given its absence from the first two books.

As stated, The Harvest Moon is very, very erotic and Noelle and Wynn can’t seem to keep their hands off each other whether they’re in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. Now whilst I certainly don’t have an issue with that, quite the contrary, I adore an author who is not afraid to use two of my favourite words (hint: both begin with a ‘c’ and they’re not ‘cake’ or ‘chocolate’, which are also two of my favourite words), what I do find distracting is the use of condoms.

Don’t get me wrong, the safe sex message is laudable but just as in real life, putting on a condom is one of the least sexy things to do and the same is true in the writing as well; it’s a needless distraction. This is fiction and I would state that it’s either not necessary or could be handled better without ruining the flow of the scene.

On the whole though, I did enjoy the book and the series over all.

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