Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack, #1)Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston
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I was a little nervous about starting this book, which, in hindsight, was kind of silly. I’d read the Dragon Kin series, written by the same author under her G.A. Aiken name and loved them all. Roll on this September when the latest is released! I was nervous because whilst that series was set in a fictional world full of dragons (obviously, duh!) centaurs, witches and the like, Pack Challenge is set in the real world. Texas to be precise.

Silly me, though. I needn’t have worried because as I have come to expect, it’s not the where the story is set, it’s the characters that Shelly concentrates on and this is where similarities to the Dragon Kin series start. The women in this series; Sara, our heroine, her two best friends; Angelina and Miki are strong, confident women. To match them, the men; Zach, the hero, Connell and Marrec are equally as strong characters. What I would term as mens men.

The story is quite a simple one in that Sara, a woman scarred by an animal attack that killed her father when she was a child is living her life as best she can in small town America along with her two friends; Angelina, a woman who could be a fashion model and dresses like one and Miki, quite possibly the smartest woman there is without a filter on her mouth.

Aside from a painful limp, everything is going just fine, until Zach walks into Sara’s place of work. He also thought his life was going the way he wanted to as well, until they saw each other at which point, it was just a matter of time until they realised that they were made for each other.

But there are obstacles in the way such as Zach being on a list of what not to date (he’s a biker) but there’s the little matter that he’s a werewolf, or shifter as he terms in it. Not only that, but so is Sara only she doesn’t realise it yet. In fact, so is almost everyone she knows and they have all been protecting her from the beasts, who it transpires are another lot of shifters, this lot being werelions, that killed her parents and are still hunting her.

Like the first book in the Dragon Kin series, this particular plot thread is a minor one and is resolved quite quickly towards the end of the book. This books is mainly focused on the relationship of Sara and Zach and her learning what she is.

To quote the preface from the book, the story contains "explicit sex, graphic language, and strong violence." This is Shelly Laurenston. I’d be disappointed if it didn’t include that and I was certainly not disappointed by this. Can’t wait to read the next in the series!

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