Night StarNight Star by Alyson Noel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Continuing the story shortly after the dramatic events in Shadowland, we catch up with Ever just as summer break is coming to end and the senior year about to start and the consequences of what happened now have to be dealt with.

As well as dealing with those events, there is also the continuing search for the antidote to the poison that keeps Ever from even touching Damen. Not only that, there are new revelations to just how Damen may have interfered with Ever’s previous lives. Is he all he seems to be?

Surprisingly, even though this is penultimate book in The Immortals series, a lot does get resolved but not everything. In fact, considering that almost every character has gone through a reversal from what they were when they were introduced, it’s probably safe to say that the final book still has a lot to cover.

Ever remains our narrator of events that includes the regular cast of people she goes to school with; Haven, Miles, Stacia and Honor, the two men in Ever’s life; Damen and Jude as well as the adults; Sabine, Mr. Munoz and Ava. As wonderful as I find them, Romy and Rayne only make a cameo appearance.

On the whole, this book is certainly better than the previous, although it still doesn’t shine as brightly as the first book in the series; Evermore, it’s still quite a page turner and I’m eager to see how the series ends.

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