So there I was having a relatively good day at work or as good as anyone can claim to have a good day at work when, after sitting through an hour long ass boring meeting, my manager comes to my desk and says “I’d like to have a private word with you and two others down stairs in one minute.”

I knew then that this was it.

And sure enough, after being led into the executive error where all the directors live in a much better style than the rest of us mortals do, sure enough, there was one of the other people in the same boat as me, my senior manager and someone who I assumed, correctly as it turns out was from HR.

We were both told then that our jobs were basically being shipped to India and we were now surplus. Technically, they were actually telling us it was in the process of a consultation phase so they could turn around in a day or so and tell us that they’ve changed their minds. Yeah, and that flash of pink outside the window was a flying pig.

After fourteen years, I’m now facing the end of my term with my current company. Am I upset? I’m upset in the way it’s been handled. Instead of telling us at 9.00am in the morning when we could have just turned around and gone home, they waiting until we’d sat through a meeting, outlining the three year plan for the future and then tell us at 3.30pm in the afternoon! We can go home, they said. Well, considering that I don’t drive and the earliest bus doesn’t run for another hour when I’d be going home ANYWAY, thank you so much!

And yes, of course I’m worried. The last time I was unemployed, the economy wasn’t in the toilet, I was on my own and renting a flat. Now, the economy is where it is, I have a mortgage and other responsibilities and I’m 40 in a week (next Friday).

On the other hand though, fourteen years is a good stretch and provided that I can get another job, a change of scenery will be a good thing. Other than the mortgage, I don’t have any debts, no overdraft or credit card bills so things should be okay for awhile. I hope.

Plus, I have a short city break to New York coming up at the end of April as a special birthday treat to myself. I’m focusing on that right now and can. Not. Wait!

So that’s me in a nutshell since my last post back in October stating that I’d received a Kindle. Which is a fantastic piece of kit, by the way. As can be seen from the book reviews here, I’ve been putting it to good use and since the last update, ratings can be sent from it straight to Twitter and / or Facebook. How cool is that?