Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum, #10)Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You get an inkling of how awesome this book is when there is a car death pretty much right at the start. Honestly, if I was Stephanie’s insurer, I’d flat out refuse to insure her.

Whilst this obviously the tenth in the series, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer because as always, there are quick introductions to who everyone is meaning that you can just step right in. Those familiar with the series obviously already know and can get more out of it.

This book covers so many different aspects but handles them adroitly. For instance, there is the fact that Stephanie is currently living with Joe Morrelli, her on again off again boyfriend because she’s given her apartment up to Valerie, her sister.

However, nothing being simple in Stephanie’s life, she’s taken it upon herself to house hunt for Valerie because her sister isn’t showing any sign of moving out of Stephanie’s apartment as well as help plan for a wedding.

All this, in addition to being forced into hiding in, of all places, Ranger’s Batcave. Not that she was invited, of course. As happens with our fearless bounty hunter, this happened by accident.

We learn a bit more about this elusive man and how he lives. Not that much, but just enough to ask more questions.

Not only that but there are also FTAs to apprehend one of which is Sally Sweet who makes a welcome return.

This all makes for a definite page turner but does mean that the resolution wraps up at little to swiftly but that said, there’s nothing mundane about it and it’s in true, glorious Stephanie Plum style.

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