Here Kitty, Kitty! (Magnus Pack, #3)Here Kitty, Kitty! by Shelly Laurenston
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Effectively the last in the Magnus Pack series (although there is a short story in an anthology), this book deals with the last of the trio of women. We’ve already seen how Sara and Miki find their mates. Now it’s the turn of Angelina Santiago who, in her own words, describes herself as "Brazilian Mexican." She also points that whilst she is the most feminine of the group, she is also not as nice as the other two.

This books begins during the events of Miki’s story as told in Go Fetch! but the majority takes place immediately following. Indeed, the shifters that Angie bumps into in the airport in Go Fetch! turn out to be three brothers who are tiger shifters one of whom; Nikolai Vorislav seems destined to be Angelina’s mate whilst trying to stick to tiger behaviour which is love them and leave them. Indeed, life pairings for tiger shifters are unheard of with one exception; Nik’s father.

Angie and Nik are thrown together, against their will when a hyena attack on Angie forces Nik’s brothers who happen to be in town negotiating on behalf of their father with Marrec, to come to her defence. In doing so she ends up injured and the next thing she knows is that she’s in Nik’s home in North Carolina having been taken there by her would-be rescuers, much to Nik’s consternation.

What follows is Angie’s driving him up the wall, whilst at the same time unknowingly insinuating herself into his life, family and heart whilst she stays there protected from more hyena attacks until Sara’s pack can come for her.

If you’ve read previous Shelly Laurenston novels, or her dragon series written as G.A. Aiken, you’ll know how deliciously hot, funny and action packed these books are. If you’ve not, but like steamy PNRs with coarse language, strong women, strong men and sex, then you can’t go wrong with this series.

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