Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4)Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward
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I have been waiting to read this book ever since Dark Lover because it deals with Butch O’Neal and Marissa both of whom fell in love at first sight in that first book.

For some reason though, at the second book in the series Marissa seemed to have cooled off and no longer wanted to have anything to do with the former homicide detective.

The key word is ‘seemed’ because it is revealed in this book, after Butch has been captured and tortured by the Omega no less and for some reason has been set free, Marissa goes to his side and doesn’t leave much to her younger brother’s anger.

Given that the vampire society is a patriarchal society it suddenly becomes clear why Marissa cut off contact especially without Marissa’s knowledge.

Now that they’ve found one another again, then it’s roses right? Well, it would have been a short book if that were the case. Unlike the previous books where the conflict was getting the main hero and heroine to convince themselves that they were absolutely madly in love with one another, the conflict here was that despite being in love, were they compatible with each other?

Marissa, being a vampire needs to feed and only a male vampire can satiate that particular hunger. Butch, obviously being human, as much as he wants to give her his blood would be dead if she drank from him.

Added to that is that Havers anger at Marissa’s love for a mere human is enough for him to evict her from the house. Half an hour before dawn no less, forcing her to seek refuge with the Brothers which, as it happens is where Butch also lives.

Oh what can I say about this book? There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how much I adored this book. In my previous reviews of the series, I stated that each one I’d read was my favourite. Well, guess what? This is my new favourite.

I loved how, after three hundred years of trying to be the perfect woman for vampiric high society, Marissa finally rose up and met her challenges head and grew in character and in strength. The scene where she set fire to the contents of her wardrobe leaving her with nothing and then choosing to wear Beth’s offered jeans and top instead of a designer gown was sublime.

The bedroom scenes where she is intimate for the first time (yep, she’s never been touched in those three centuries either for reasons already known from Dark Lover) with Butch are so sweet and tender that they are beautiful and made me go "aww!"

However, Marissa wasn’t the only one to go through a transformation as they are surprises in store for Butch as well. Which I won’t detail here. suffice to say that the Butch and Marissa at book’s end are nothing at all like the character’s at the start of the book in a very, very good way.

It was also great to see Beth in an expanded role having not really seen her since her story was told. The resolution of her and Marissa’s relationship, which had been left hanging somewhat since the first book was very nicely handled.

And there is the continuing story of John Matthew, the pre-transition vampire who still suffers following the events of the last book.

Lover Revealed isn’t as deliciously painful as Zsadist’s story in Lover Awakened for which, I am grateful but instead is an intense, achingly sweet and beautifully frustrating story that I could barely put down. I only did so to prolong putting the end off and savour what I’d read.

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