Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This, the fifth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is such a hard book to review.

Up until now, all the books have dealt with how the brothers have found their respective shellans (I love that word. Such a term of endearment.) How they have overcome obstacles getting in the way of being together and a brief bit about the ongoing war with the Omega.

With the book, however, the sub-plots have started to get more involved and therefore take up more page space. This has meant that Vishous and Jane’s story is not as long as with previous brothers.

Dr. Jane Whitcomb is a character in the series and is introduced right at the start but is primarily there because she is the trauma surgeon when V is wheeled after supposedly being shot by a lesser. Supposedly? Might there be a twist there? Perhaps, but I ain’t saying! Of course, being a vampire in a human hospital is a Bad Thing but that’s what brothers are for and end up ‘rescuing’ him and the good doctor.

Worried, like anyone would be after being taken against their will, that she’ll be killed, she still regards V as her patient and ends up looking after him as well as Phury when he needs surgery. And so, quite quickly, it’s not long before she realises how much she needs V and how long V and the Brotherhood need her.

However, time is against them because the Scribe Virgin has a different fate set in store for V and that is basically an arranged marriage to forty brides. Yep, I said 40.

And therein lies the crux of another plot and where Lover Unbound diverges from the series. We are also introduced to Cormia, a Chosen of the Scribe Virgin and V’s primary intended. So, instead of waiting for the next book to tell her story, we go into Lover Enshrined knowing who she is.

Another character that’s introduced is Manuel Manello which makes sense given that he’s the chief surgeon at the hospital where Jane works. However, there are none to subtle hints that we’ll be seeing him soon.

Yet another plot continues the story of John Matthew who gets what he’s wished for his whole life. Not only that but could there be a hint of something between him and Xhex?

As stated, whilst all of this makes for a great addition to the series (hence the 5 stars), it does mean that the main romance is cut and it’s also meant that Lover Unbound is nowhere near as hot as the previous books.

That doesn’t mean it’s not emotional, because it is. Feelings are evoked at pretty much every opportunity especially with the Scribe Virgin, the Directrix, Cormia but most of all V and Jane and what they have to go through before finding their HEA.

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