Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6)Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
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Phury is an idiot and certainly doesn’t deserve the lovely Cormia.

There. I just had to say that and get it out of my system.

This book continues a few months after the events of Lover Unbound and not only picks up that books plot points but also adds a couple of its own. So, as with Vishous and Jane’s story, Phury and Cormia, whose relationship, this book is about don’t get all that much page time. For this book, that’s not actually a bad thing as reading Phury’s section was enough to make me grind my teeth. Nothing to do with the quality of writing or the story telling but everything to do with how unbelievably stupid Phury is.

Cormia, on the other hand, is beautiful, generous, very perceptive, intelligent and caring and reading her story was an absolute joy as she evolved and came into her own. Whilst all the shellans have gone through a transformation, Cormia’s is very like Marissa’s in how she becomes her own person instead of what everyone expects her to be.

Other standout moments include the continuing story of the triumverate of John Matthew, Blaylock and Qhuinn and how they are maturing and handle what they encounter.

There are also shocking moments when the war with the Omega takes a turn for the worse for vampire kind.

We’re introduced to a new character in the form of the Sympath Princess who has been mentioned previously as we learn what Rehvenge has to do when he meets her on a monthly basis. Another new comer is Lassiter who apparently is an angel or, as Wrath terms him, a ‘frenemy’. And that’s all that’s said about. Why he’s like that, where’s he’s from and anything else is not given to us to know. However, with his introduction is the return of someone thought lost.

There’s not much I can say without giving away major plot points but one thing I will say is that the final ten percent or so makes for the sweetest HEA so far out of the series. Not enough to make it my favourite as that is still Butch and Marissa’s story in Lover Revealed but more than enough to bring a huge smile to my face and say "Yep. That’s righteous."

A worthy addition to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series even if Phury does make me want to grit my teeth and call him all kinds of idiot.

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