My Name is MemoryMy Name is Memory by Ann Brashares
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My Name is Memory is a love story of two souls that keep meeting each other in different lives over the course of centuries. Sometimes, he is old and she is young. At time she is above is station in life and at times she is retired whilst he is still in kindergarten. But throughout their lives, he remembers it all whilst it’s fresh for her each time.

On the strength of that and that it’s been compared to one of my favourite books; The Time Traveler’s Wife I had very high hopes for this book. And, for the majority of the book, they were almost met. IN fact, had the book ended in Mexico at a rather sweet point, this would have been a solid four stars.

Unfortunately, it didn’t there. In fact, whilst technically it had an end, there was no resolution. As such, I came close to losing my book throwing cherry. Except, I didn’t because I’d read this on my Kindle and I love that machine. Had I had the book in hard copy, though…

"I wish I could tell you that there is a sequel to “My Name is Memory” but as of now, there are no plans. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that everything lines up and there will be one."

That’s a direct quote from Ann Brashares’ blog about the chances of a sequel. Here’s the thing though. There is this growing trend for both authors and T.V. series to end on a cliff hanger. This is either because it’s a case of "There is a cliff hanger. You have to give the go ahead for the next book / series or the fans will be disappointed." Or "Surprise! A cliff hanger. Please buy the next book / watch the next series."

The first assumption is naive because it doesn’t work and the second is just frustrating. I have a friend on Goodreads (Hi Suz!) who absolutely hates cliffhangers and this is the first time that I’ve agreed with that sentiment when there is no clear indication of when or if a follow-up is due.

I have no problem with the story being left somewhat open ended so there is room for a sequel. If I liked the original story enough, then I’ll happily continue to the next in the series. However, the original story needs to be resolved first. Looking at my bookshelf now, I can see that I have a lot of series and the thing that they all share is that each book in the series has a resolution whilst leaving the overall arc open.

Next up is how much of a push over Sophie / Constance / Lucy is. And I don’t mean in a nice, submissive way, either. I expect my heroines to have at least some back bone. They don’t have to be kick ass fighters or alpha females but they need at least some inner strength.

As for Daniel, he so does not deserve his gift. At one stage, he has a perfect life and is born into a loving family but pisses it away in a moment. Oh sure, he regrets it later but the man never appreciates what he has in his pursuit of one woman. His friend, Ben, has a much better understanding of what life is about. Not only that, when he does finally get to meet Lucy when they are on an even standing, he doesn’t do anything except thinking "I wish, I wish…"

Finally, Joaquim the antagonist is hard to understand. You’re brother ran off with your wife (whom you bought, by the way) about 1,500 years ago and so you’ve spent that time to trying to track him down. What’s the point?

I really, really wanted to enjoy this book as much at The Time Traveler’s Wife but it’s nowhere near that standard. A shame.

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