Bullet (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #19)Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m going to start by saying that the first quarter of Bullet is pretty much a complete waste of time. It covers a school dance recital where Matthew, the son of Monica (she who betrayed both Anita and their friend Catherine way back in Guilty Pleasures) and her vampire husband is performing, along with Nathaniel and Jason. At best it’s a nice scene but it serves no purpose other than to remind us that Anita is still mad at Monica for what she did those years ago. It might have been better had there been an explanation for what Matthew was. Is he full human or did having a vampire for a father make him special in any way? Regretfully, we’re never told.

It also contains a brief interlude in which Asher is having a hissy fit because he’s not getting laid. Which doesn’t take long to resolve, suffice to say he gets his boned jumped.

However, once that is out the way, the book picks up because my favourite villian of the series is back, if not in body, certainly in spirit. As if a simple bomb could stop the Marmee Noir. Ha! Not only that, she has taken possession of the vampire council which we learn when one of my other favourite vampires, Belle Morte along with Padma, the Master of Beasts come calling via the vampire astral projection network with the Mother of All Vampires in full control and still attempting to gain possession of our Necromancer.

Not only that but whilst Richard, the whiny Ulfric who, doesn’t actually whine in this book! He actually makes a good show of himself for once, even though it’s only taken, oh about the entire series!

Granted, the book, like the recent past books has gone down the route of love, well, sex aka the ardeur will conquer all, there is thankfully a noticable lack of emotional hangups about it. I think Anita has one brief period of being "bothered about not being bothered" but she quickly gets over it when she becomes the filling in a Micah and Nathaniel sandwich.

One word of warning. Bullet contains the heaviest amount of M/M action in the series to date. Whereas previously it may have been glossed over, it’s much more blatant. However, the trade off is that where I’ve been thinking that all the men have to be bisexual to be able to be with Anita whilst she does not, that’s no longer the case as demonstrated when Anita brings the weretigers under her dominion. Although I did have to laugh because she balked at wearing a see through dress at a party but then proceeded to get down and dirty with a black tigress in front of everyone else.

On the whole a mix of a book but had more good points than bad and is a better addition to the series than most of late.

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