Pleasure Unbound
Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As has been said in previous reviews, do you like Buffy? Do you like ER? Or, put another way, do you like women who know how to kick major butt and hot looking doctors? Yes? Then you’ll love Pleasure Unbound, the first in the Demonica series.

Tayla is a warrior for the Aegis, a group of demon slayers who is badly injured in the line of duty. So, things get interesting very quickly when she wakes up in the only run-by-demons-for-demons in the entire world and finds herself looking at the hottest doctor she’s ever seen. This is her introduction to Eidelon, an incubus who runs the hospital.

As you can imagine, when she finds out what he is but not until after getting very hot and steamy with him (well, it is his hospital, after all), their relationship is not smooth sailing. It gets even more complicated when the demons suspect that the Aegis are not only killing demons but harvesting them for their body parts whilst Tayla has her world rocked, in more ways than one, when she learns that not all demons are evil and that she might have closer ties with their world than she thinks.

Pleasure Unbound is a very erotic paranormal romance with very strong characters in the hero and heroine and also the supporting cast. It’s easy to care about the characters and what happens to them. However, as I’ve mentioned, with the organ harvesting plot line, it’s also a bit icky in some places. I think I must be a squeamish reader when it comes to stuff like that. Whilst I don’t have a probably with good vs. evil fights to the death, there are a couple of scenes that I wish would have turned out differently.

However, that’s my personal opinion and doesn’t stop this from being an excellent tale and Larissa Ione paints a very interesting picture of our world with demons, vampires and weres that also live in it. I couldn’t help draw parallels between this and Black Dagger Brotherhood but I think that’s only because of the three brothers in this story; Eidelon, Shade and Wraith and how all three serve their world as protectors of a sort. But whilst there maybe parallels, that’s all as they are both very enjoyable series.

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