The Mane Attraction
The Mane Attraction by Shelly Laurenston
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The Mane Attraction is the third in Shelly Laurenston’s Pride series and the best yet. It deals with two characters and they are characters that have already been introduced previously. Sissy Rae Smith is Alpha female to the New York Smith wolf pack, formerly of Tennesse and sister to Bobby Ray Smith who got together with Jessica Ann Ward in the previous book. Mitchell Shaw is a lion shifter and brother to Brendon Shaw whose story with Ronnie Lee Reed was told in the second half of the first book.

Because they have already been introduced previously and have already had major parts in the previous books The Mane Attraction doesn’t need to waste time with that and begins in medias res. In fact, it starts in Bobby Ray’s and Jessica Ann’s wedding where, it has to be said, we also meet Gwen, Mitchell’s baby sister who, in the space of the couple of pages that she is given, makes such a big impact that I’m so glad that she gets given her own book later in the series.

Back to Sissy Mae and Mitchell the story quickly gets going after Mitchell is shot to try and eliminate him from being a star witness in a murder trial and so they both head to Sissy Mae’s home town of Smith Town, Tennessee for him to recover. As has come to be expected, whilst they may have clearly stated that they are only very good friends, it’s apparent their hearts didn’t get the message and it’s not long before Ronnie Lee and Sissy Mae’s aunts can see what’s happening long before the two lovebirds do.

I’m so glad to see that this is a completely different story to that of Brendon and Ronnie Lee, the previous lion and wolf duo. Whilst Sissy Mae and Ronnie Lee are both certainly cut from the same cloth being best friends and everything, they are still different women. And I adore that the story takes place in the Smith pack’s home town. I have this picture in my head of The Dukes of Hazzard but with Sissy Mae and Ronnie Lee instead of Bo and Luke. I doubt the southern US is anything like that anymore (if ever), but the way Shelly Laurenston portrays it, I wanna visit!

What’s more, despite the fact the action is set in Smith Town instead of New York, all the characters that have previously been introduced don’t get sidelined and get a decent amount of page time as well. There maybe not as much sexual antics as the Dragon Kin series, but what there is, is good and very, very hot and Shelly Laurenston’s humour just permeates every page. It makes me happy then when her latest news letter states that the seventh in this series has just been sent to her editor!

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