Shimmer by Alyson Noel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shimmer is the second in the Riley Bloom series and continues the adventures of dead girl and teenager wannabe, Riley Bloom.

The story is set shortly after the events of Radiance and whilst it’s not really necessary to have read that, it’d help in purely in terms of backgrounds for the characters involved here.

Having earned themselves a ‘vacay’ as Riley puts it, she and her not-so-faithful dog Buttercup and Bodhi are on an idyllic island where her parents went on their honeymoon. However, it soon transpires that it’s not all paradise in, er..paradise when they encounter Rebecca who is quite a vengeful spirit.

Not at all happy with the way that she died, Rebecca has also trapped various other spirits on the earth plane with her and it’s not long before Riley and co are also trapped and need to find a way to escape.

I enjoyed Shimmer as much as I did Radiance but I did find it an odd book. At times, and I think I’ve stated this for Radiance, that Alyson Noel has captured the essence of a twelve year old girl perfectly. She’s wilful, impatient, thinks she knows everything, spunky and positively yearns to be a teenager. But there are times in the book that she has ideas and has intuitive leaps of transcendence that I think adults would not have made.

There were also instances where everything seemed lost and all was doomed when Riley suddenly exclaimed “I know what to do!” without any previous build-up or hinting. Perhaps the target audience of pre-teens and early teens would be more accepting of this but since those days are long behind me, I need a bit more and so found it a bit disjointed.

However, that said, I did enjoy it and Riley is very likeable and I’ve missed her from the Immortals series. On the Kindle edition that I read, there was a brief excerpt from Dreamland the next book in the series which looks interesting.

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