Covet by J.R. Ward
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You know how it sometimes is with authors and established series. You absolutely adore the series but you’re a bit wary of another series by the same author. Will it be a good as the one I love? WIll it grip me in the same way? At least those are questions that I ask myself and it was the same starting Fallen Angels series after having devoured and loved J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

Yes, yes, I know. I needn’t have feared because Covet, the first in the Fallen Angels series can easily hold its own and is as good as any of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Phew!

But not only that, it also has a solid foundation as it’s set in the same world of Caldwell, NY. that our beloved Brothers inhabit. I’ll admit that when I spotted the unnamed cameos as well as some named characters, I may have squealed just a tiny bit. I won’t say just in case you’ve not read and it’s not relevant to the story. Think of it as an added bonus for readers of the BDB series.

However, I will make an exception to that and would say that I did not recognise the heroine, Marie-Terese who we previously saw in Lover Avenged. In that, she was a very confident woman working in Zero Sum as the head girl, if you will. She only went with johns that she chose even to the point of turning down John Matthew because of his burgeoning relationship with Xhex.

The Marie-Terese of Covet is almost a completely different woman and whilst she remains picky, doesn’t exude the same sort of aura. However, I’ve been thinking about this and I’ve come to realise that the scenes from Lover Avenged were told from John Matthew’s and others’ point of view whereas in Covet, because she is now one of the main characters, we get to know the real person and not the front that she puts on.

Jim Heron, however, is a completely new character and is currently working on a house for another new character, that of Vin DiPietro. After having a near death experience whilst working on the house, Jim is recruited by the dandiest angels you would ever hope to meet and is charged with saving the souls of seven people with Vin being the first. If he fails then the other side wins and everything goes to hell in a hand basket. Literally. No pressure then.

And his opponent working for the other side to ensure that Hell is victorious? Well, just to make things even more interesting is someone both men are romantically involved with. Yeah, at the same time. Awkward!

I have to say that each an every character evoked an emotional response in me. Even the minor players but then I’ve gotten used to this with J.R. Ward’s works. But the best thing had to be the relationship between Vin and Marie-Terese. The chapters that we devoted to their PoVs were sublime but the parts where they shared page time together were outstanding. And the shower scene? I think my Kindle was sizzling that was sooooo hot.

Comments have been made about the Ward-isms but I have to say that I love them. Those in the latter half of the book where the Harley riding fallen angels were involved had me laughing hard and to be honest, these are part and parcel of a Ward book.

On the whole, a truly excellent start to a series and I’ll certainly be getting Crave as well as Envy soon.

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