Ecstasy Unveiled
Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione
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See if you can follow me on this.

There is Kynan, a human and former member of the Aegis (demon hunter organisation but that’s not important right now) who works at Underworld General Hospital and despite is former situation, is a close friend of Eidolon, Shade and Wrath, the three Seminus demon brothers.

Just introduced to the story is another brother, Lore (actually short for Loren but that sounds, well, tame for a demon). He’s an assassin.

Because of previous events, Kynan is now a very important person, known as a Primori that warrants his own guardian angel in the form of Idess, an Earth bound angel yet to earn her wings, known as a Mimeti.

Also, because of previous events, Lore is in deep with his assassin masters and to make amends has to kill Kynan. In 96 hours. Or his sister, also an assassin, dies.

Still with me so far? Good.

As it transpires, Lore also turns out to be one of those Primori and so gets his own angel who is…also Idess.

So Lore is trying to kill Kynan who is protected by Idess and Eidolon, Shade and Wraith AND their mates are gunning for Lore who is, uh, protected by Idess.

And times running out for Lore’s sister.

Whew! I’m exhausted. That was a very fun and enjoyable read which didn’t let up in the action in terms of fighting or bedroom (or hospital closet in an emergency) and certainly had no problem in keeping me riveted.

Aside from the well established characters such as the three brothers, their mates and Kynan and Gem, who are always a joy to see, I adored Idess who is effectively on her last job prior to ascending and gaining her wings and is so determined and focused on that goal until Lore comes along.

I’m not saying whether or not she attains her goal after almost 2,000 years but it wasn’t hard to root for Idess and want her to succeed and get what she desires even when those desires have been supressed for centuries and which Lore has re-awakened. It’s not he’s really to blame – after all, he is a sex demon who needs to orgasm at least once a day or he dies. And it can only be achieved with another and when the only other is his angelic captor…

It took me awhile to connect with Lore, certainly longer than I had done with the three brothers. Whether this was because there was so much going on in a book that had a larger cast or it could be that this story follows Wraith’s and that was simple outstanding. Or perhaps that Lore starts out as a bad guy (as in a potential villain as opposed to a bad boy like Wraith), I’m not sure.

Sin and Conall were very entertaining and I’m eagerly looking forward to their story in the next full book; Sin Undone. I say full book, because there is a short novella; Eternity Embraced in between this and Sin Undone which is well worth reading.

A worthy addition to the series and Larissa Ione is now one of my ‘must-read-anything-by-this-writer’ authors.

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