Eternal Rider
Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione
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What an awesome start to a continuation of a great series.

Yeah, that probably made sense in a way that didn’t.

Eternal Rider is the first book in the Lords of Deliverance series featuring a mostly brand new set of characters, the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You know, War, Famine, Death and Pestilence? And one of them, Famine is technically a horsewoman as well.

I said mostly because a large number of the supporting cast, that is, all of them, as well as the world in which this series is set were introduced in the Demonica series. So whilst a reader could quite easily pick up and enjoy Eternal Rider without having touched the Demonica series, they would be missing out on an awful lot of back story including why Pestilence is now evil.

According to the lore, the four horsemen whose real names are Ares, Limos, Thanatos and Reseph don’t actually become their evil counterparts of War, Famine, Death and Pestilence respectively until their seals are broken.

As Eternal Rider, Reseph has had his seal broken because of Sin’s story in the last book of the previous series and has become the evil Pestilence and aside from embracing his role and spreading disease around the world, is also attempting to break Ares’ seal to create War.

Ares seal is held by a fallen angel who through circumstance ends up transferring it to Cara, a normal human which shortens her life expectancy to a matter of days. And when she dies, without another fallen angel to pass it on to, Ares goes to War (see what I did there?)

Eternal Rider really is an action packed story. So much so, that with the exception of a couple of brief teases, there isn’t a fully fledged sex scene until almost two thirds through the book. Despite that, as I’ve said, it’s a great read.

Ares, being a five thousand year old general, tries everything to prevent Pestilence from carrying out his plan in addition to protecting Cara who bears his seal. He’s a likeable hero and his own fight against his building feelings for the human woman was very well done.

However, it’s Cara who carries the story and her journey and the changes to her character. She goes from being a victim and afraid to someone who stands up for herself and embracing the warrior spirit that she has always had within her. I adored her friendship with ‘Hal’, the hellhound.

Aside from her affinity with animals, she is the first ‘normal’ human. Heroines of the Demonica series were a half-demon, a werewolf, a human-charmed-by-angels, an angel and another half demon so this makes Cara that much more special because of that and that she had no prior knowledge of the demon world.

Thanatos and Limos were wonderful characters as Ares’ brother and sister but making Limos out to be a surfer girl replete with a flower in her hair when she wasn’t being her badass warrior self was a nice stroke. Reseph as Pestilence was a unbelievably evil so the point where I actually felt sorry for Harvester, one of hell’s angels. As in celestial being for the underworld and not the biking organisation.

Whilst pretty much everyone from the Demonica series makes an appearance, Kynan and Arik make the most appearances. Despite not having a book to themselves, Kynan and Gem might just have more total page time over six books than any of the major characters so far!

Fortunately for me, the next in the series Immortal Rider has just been released so I can dive right in to that now!

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