Sun, Sand, Sex
Sun, Sand, Sex by Linda Lael Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In case it’s not obvious, Sun, Sand & Sex is an anthology of three stories each with the theme of…er…sun, sand and sex. I like it when books are titled like that. It keeps things nice and simple.

The three stories are fairly straightforward in that the plots are simply basic romances. There are no twists or surprises, at least not for the reader, and as such, are pure entertainment and escapism.

One Last Weekend by Linda Lael Miller tells the story of a couple whose marriage has drifted apart and decide to get divorced simply because it seems the right thing to do. However, they are convinced by their mutual friend and divorce attorney to spend one last weekend at the cottage they have on an island in Washington.

It’s there they come to realise that they actually still love one another immensely and re-discover how to communicate with each other.

This a very short, but sweet love story about two people who discover how sex can break down all sorts of barriers. Fun and hot.

You Give Love a Good Name by Jennifer Apodaca is the story of a wedding planner and a bounty hunter. After things go wrong at a wedding in which a staple gun gets used to staple something other than paper Lexie goes on vacation. However, because of her forgetful lawyer, she ends up missing a court date and so it’s up to Nick to bring her back.

Whilst there is an interesting suspenseful element with Lexie insisting she’s being stalked and everyone else, with the exception of Nick, not believing her the romance seemed a little forced. Nick’s too aggressive even with Lexie. Whilst he may champion her cause, apparently she can’t except a job at the resort she’s staying because he says so. Never mind that that’s not his decision to make.

My Kind of Town (The Long Island Coven #1) by Shelly Laurenston is the whole reason I bought this anthology. Emma is a powerful witch and is sent by her coven to the town of Smithville, North Carolina to investigate supernatural goings on. When arriving in town, however, her car is totalled by a huge dog and she is ‘rescued’ by Kyle, one of the town’s deputies. Who happens to be a black leopard shifter.

I can’t determine what it was but this didn’t engage me as much as the Magnus Pack or Pride books. Perhaps it was because I’d read both of those amazing series first and I might have enjoyed this more had I read this first and then moved on.

Because the characters are all brand new (even the town is different; Smithville, North Carolina and not Smithtown, Tennessee) newcomers to the series will find it serves as a perfect introduction to the shifter world created by Shelly Laurenston.

It contains all the elements to be found in her books; snarky dialogue between all the characters, hilarious scenes (I found the drunk Emma scene so funny as well as another scene where she keeps poking his chest) and steamy sex.

On the whole Sun, Sand & Sex was a nice anthology, a quick and light read with good, if not outstanding stories.

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