Twelve Days of Christmas
Twelve Days of Christmas by Trisha Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I will have to admit that for an impulse buy, I was very pleasantly surprised with this. I saw Twelve Days of Christmas listed on Amazon for 99p and with it being the season and all that, I felt like reading something festive and so bought it. And am glad I did.

It tells the tale of Holly Brown, a woman who doesn’t celebrate Christmas due to her upbringing as a Strange Baptist and the fact that her husband died in the season as well. So to avoid this, she works as a professional house sitter in various locations where nobody knows her and she can just have a quiet couple of weeks until it’s all passed.

Which has worked out fine for the past years until she’s sent to look after the stately home called of Jude Martland, a name similar to the one uttered by her grandmother on her deathbed. Unfortunately for her, Jude’s unexpected absence has left a lot of people disappointed as they would normally all get together in the Old Place in Little Mumming and celebrate in true gaudy style.

As a professional chef and feeling guilty for these people, Holly takes it upon herself to host the festivities in place of Jude which is fine until he comes home unexpectedly early.

Whilst it felt as though this book was going from one meal to the next (you can’t read this without your mouth watering), this was a warm and pleasant tale of a widow coming to terms with her loss after years of grief and opening her heart again. The cast of characters were a treat and that includes Merlin, Lady and Billy the dog, horse and goat respectively.

A warm and cosy read to be read in front of a fire with a mince pie to hand.

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