Riding the Storm
Riding the Storm by Sydney Croft
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I’ve mentioned before about being wary of authors whose works I’ve not read and technically, Sydney Croft is a new author to me. However, given that Sydney Croft is the pseudonym for the writing duo of Larissa Ione whose Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series which I adore and Stephanie Tyler, I thought I’d give this first book in the ACRO series a try.

And I’m so glad I did! I’ve seen this series compared to X-men with erotica and whilst I can see why, I think that’s an overly simplistic description.

Former Navy SEAL Remy Begnaud returns home to the Louisiana bayou after resigning his commission and has a problem with the weather, specifically storms. Don’t we all, though? Remy’s issue that his libido increases to dangerous levels depending upon the severity of the storm. Not only does the weather control him but he can also control the weather.

This has come to the attention of the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives (ACRO) who recruit people with special abilities like Remy and train them to use their powers for the force of good. As such, they have despatched Haley Holmes a parameteorologist to recruit Remy by any means necessary, including seducing him before ACRO’s competition, Itor get him for their own nefarious ends. Like dropping F5 tornadoes on cities.

Haley’s already and Remy’s home when he arrives in the middle of a particularly bad storm and as such gets to witness firsthand what effect the weather has on his sex drive. And as seduction is within her remit, it’s not long before they are throwing themselves at each other.

And that’s the start of one of the hottest, steamiest erotic books that I’ve read. Not only that, there is a decent story in the race to who will recruit Remy first and a sub-plot despite all the sex of which there is a considerable amount not only between Remy and Haley but also Annika and Creed a pair of ‘rares’ (she can channel electricity and he is immune to her power but is accompanied by a jealous female spirit) and the head of ACRO and his PA.

Both main characters are given suitable back stories so that it can be seen why each behave the way they do and there is a nice reveal at the end which explains why Remy and Haley are so right for each other.

So, whilst the ‘rares’ like Remy could be compared to the X-men’s mutants, Remy is certainly not Storm, Dev is not Professor X and ACRO is definitely not a school for the gifted.

A very hot and very nice start to a new series that I shall definitely be continuing with.

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